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Default Re: USA v The Rest Of The World

Originally Posted by McGrain
Leave the politics at the door please...

Muhammad Ali v Lennox Lewis @ Heavyweight

Ezzard Charles v Georges Carpantier @ Light Heavyweight

Marvin Haggler v Bob Fitzimmons @ Middleweight

Sugar Ray Robinson v Barbados Joe Walcott @ Welterweight

Penell Whitaker v Roberto Duran @ Lightweight

Willie Pep v Owen Moran @ Featherweight

Here's a wee fantasty tournament that pits the USA's best, all time v the best of the rest of the world, all time. Who do you think would win? And who would your choices be at these weight catagories?
Ali decisions Lewis. I don't think Ali would have had the firepower to take Lennox out, but Lewis's lack of 15 round experience costs him dearly in this one. Ali's just too fast, too mobile, and too tough.

Ezz had better rounded skills than Carpentier. Georges could be very tough against opponents his own size, so I think Ezz also settles for a decision.

Fitz is going to have issues with Hagler's speed and southpaw jab. The shorter Hagler also has a reach advantage on Ruby Robert, more of one than Corbett enjoyed. Marv's left-handed stance also offers protection against Bob's shift and solar plexus left. Again, Hagler on points.

If Gans could get the better of Barbados Joe, then I'm confident SRR would have turned the trick as well. Yet another time, Robby on the scoring.

Duran decisions Whitaker on sheer aggression and rights to the body. He might even drop Whitaker with those rights, as he did Fernandez.

Moran draws with Pep. You're not going to make me decide this one!
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