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Default Re: Prime Holmes - Impossible to knock out?

Originally Posted by nick wells jr
which fight do i need to watch of holmes that shows him in yalls opinion peak form.ive looked at a few of them and was impressed by his jab immediatly followed by his right hand.he didnt seem to be much of ko artist,though he did have the steam to go 12 to 15 what ive seen so far is that he has great stamina and eventually wears his opponents down.
The thing with Holmes is there is no Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams, Joe Louis-Max Schmeling, showcase fight in his title reign, displaying him in an aura of total dominance. Flattening Leon Spinks or Ossie Ocasio doesn’t qualify.

Holmes became champ at age 28, already slightly past the time when a heavyweight typically reaches his physical prime, so he could appear at his physical best for only a few more years after that. Never a training freak, he also got up for opponents just enough to win, and fought quite a few mediocre boxers, so I think Norton, Shavers I and II and ****ey show the best Holmes.

Holmes kept improving technically but, naturally, continued aging so, after ****ey, the best Larry was gone. He was always a technician, looking to win rounds; if the kayo came, it came.

Larry looked in peak form for the Ali bout; too bad the old master could no longer show up to fight.

Notwithstanding that infamous tear in the Holmes left tricep, the Norton fight showcases what a youthfully all-there Larry could do in a war; his turning back of Shavers is Holmes still a little more youth that savvy, and the outclassing of ****ey is Larry a little more savvy than youth.
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