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Default The Pimp Daddy Himself (eze) Training Log

Seems like a good idea. I ballooned myself to 180+ back when I injured my arm and used it as an excuse to not do anything but get fat. I went on a diet/exercise frenzy. I was training with my friend who is an MMA fighter for King of the Cage (Was 185lb Champ, vacated and is going to fight for 205lb championship)

Anyway.. eventually was kicking ass all the way down to 160. Holidays came and took a LONG break. I thought I had gone up to 167 at the most, found out Im 170 so no more break time. Time to keep it consistent as long as possible. So my log is starting this morning. Wish me luck. Planning to go down as far as completely getting my 8 pack back.

Good Luck to everyone else training hard as well.
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