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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

1. I start by wearing a 20lb weight vest (cheap Gold's Gym version from Walmart,$50.) I take a 25lb Nike medicine ball and go to a local hill by my home.

I am at the bottom and push throw the ball to the top and while it rolls back to me, I proceed to do as many jumping burpees as I can. Now, when the ball returns, I push throw and proceed to either do a wrestling shoot or boxing combinations+footwork to go up the hill AND do more burpees before the ball returns.

The higher I go up the hill, the shorter the distance the ball travels so, I do ball slams while going backwards to the bottom and repeat.

I nearly puked and somewhere along the way Jesus showed up to give me the thumbs up sign

It kicked my ass badly and really, all you can do is smile and lick your chops after something like that.

Let me know what you think and if it helps you.

Here is more training that I use.

I do KB swings with a 45lb KB and alternating each hand and drop and do jumping burpees w/ pushup.

Descending sets starting at 12,11,10,9..etc

Working my way up to 25+ and incorparating my 20lb vest on my lower rep days.

You'll have plenty of time to wonder whether you are fiery or faint,pointed or pointless during the sets. My f'n hands are trembling from them....I'm going out for a run,enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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