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Default Re: SRL Vs Marvin Hagler My verdict is in

Hagler deserved to win it unless you want to score Leonard punches that land on Hagler's gloves.

Hagler won it, but it was close, IMO. He fought a lousy fight but he still deserved to win. Leonard fought beyond all expectation but he didn't get enough done to merit that verdict.

People who score for Leonard must be operating with a radically different criteria to mine.

I can admire flamboyant spoiling, evasive footwork and survival techniques from a tactical standpoint much as the next man but I cant give rounds to a fighter on account of him landing flurries of amateurish taps to the opponent's gloves and doing the backpedalling and showboating. The spoiling and neutralising needs to be backed up with substance, proactive scoring. At the same time, I dont credit Hagler for the moments he's plodding forward hesistantly and missing wildly, I dont give him credit for any of his inept "aggression".

Both fighters need to be credited only for the real punches they land on legitimate target areas. Watch how such punches are delivered and spread in each individual round and the scoring is not too difficult.
Leonard simply didn't do enough legitimate scoring in enough of Hagler's bad rounds (and there's no denying Hagler was pretty bad in many of the rounds) to capitalize.

Hagler should have been declared the winner. Not by a landslide by any means, but it's a clear Hagler win when you discard the chaff and score the substance.
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