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Default Re: Holmes's Title Opposition, as **** as they say???

Originally Posted by mr. magoo
While Tex Cobb, L. Rodriguez, A. Evangelista and Scott Ledoux were certainly bums, I tend to think that Leroy Jones was actually better ( at least on paper) than people give him credit for.

Jones was a large heavyweight at 6'5" and 250 Lbs, and undefeated in a respectable sum of 25 fights. In addition he held the NABF regional belt. His list of opponents were not exactly stelar, but he did manage to beat some fairly tough customers in John Denis, James Beatie and a rising Mike Weaver. Frankly, I think Jones was one of Holmes more underrated opponents. He certainly doesn't fall into the same category as many of the other contenders Holmes faced.

I watched Leroy Jones fight in the amatuers and Pro's, he was a fat, slow boxer, who was not much of a puncher, I remember Tom Bethea(a middleweight) beating him up in the 28th st. gym in N.Y. city (Howie Albert and Gil Clancey's gym) Evangelista and Rodriguez were bums,Ledoux was a tough jouneyman but really limited his best fight was a draw vs Norton), Ossie Ocasio had 13 fights, Frazier 10, Leon Spinx 10-2-2 (KO'din 1 by Coetzee in a few fight before that) David Bey was 14-0 but lost 6 of his next 7 fights after Holmes and went 5-3-1 in his last 9 fights. Weaver was 19-8 . going into the Holmes fight and that fight gave him confidence. Weaver should have gotten a rematch,especially after he won a title.Witherspoon was 16-0 and Williams was 15-0 and a lot of people felt they beat Larry but Larry never rematched them. Thomas had a moment,Dokes, Page, Coetzee proberly the best fighters other than Holmes and Big John Tate looked ok for a bit but that fight never materialized after Tate was strectched by Weaver and went downhill from there. I liked Larry as a fighter right after the Norton fight but was waiting for a unification or for him to fight the best of his era which he did not. ****ey fought 5 rounds vs Jimmy Young on 5/25/80 but fought only 2 times both 1st round ko's until he fought Larry for the title 6/11/82, so he fought 2 rounds in 2 years.(and it was NO secret that Conney had a bad COKE problem) His fight against Scott was stopped by a Thumb in the eye and the James Smith fight was going tough for Larry until he got that thumb in Bonecrushers eye(Smith dogged it) Still Larry did have a nice run (very protected) and WE can not forget that King was caught Paying off John Ort of the ring Magazine to obtain a ranking. I am a boxing fan but old school, I was fustrated at the time even though I liked Larry chances vs the guys he did not fight. My doubts were that Larry got rocked by Snipes(a so so puncher) and dropped and Dropped hard from 1 punch(no Shame) by Shavers, aS A FAN I WAS ROBBED OF THE EXCITEMENT OF WATCHING HOLMES fight a very good right hand puncher like Coetzee, Dokes ,Page, Thomas, Weaver (rematch) or Tate, and rematches with fighters that deserved them. I Hate to look like I Hate and I dont but I have to say it like I saw it then

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