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Default Re: Holmes's Title Opposition, as **** as they say???

Originally Posted by Sonny's jab
If Wladimir Klitschko announced his next fight against an opponent the equivalent of Lorenzo Zanon, Scott LeDoux or Lucien Rodriguez there'd be a TON OF CRITICISM falling on Wlad.

Actually, some of Holmes' challengers you would scoff at their chances of giving a 2007 Holyfield any sort of fight. Holmes probably fought one or two you wouldn't count on to get past Vinny Maddalone, in all honesty.

I dont doubt Holmes's greatness, but it's true that a lot of his title opposition was absolute ****.
Sadly, I have to agree.

Although I will always view Holmes as a great champion, a lot of the guys he fought were so bad that some of them might even fall into the category of tomato can. Scott Ledoux was a textbook example of the type challenger that I'm talking about. I mean, who in the hell did that guy ever beat to warrant fighting for the greatest title on earth? Christ, I think I'd have to rate Chuck Wepner higher than Ledoux. Leon Spinks was another one. He got his ass handed to him in one round by Coetzee, plus he drew with Scott Ledoux, and of course he gets a title shot. Tex Cobb gets beat by Dokes and an aging Norton, plus his last fight before facing Holmes was against Jeff Shelburg, and low and behold, he gets a title shot. Lucien Rodriguez, Alfredo Evangelista and Lorenzo Zanon couldn't knockout a guy even if they hit him with a club, unless of course if they were beating on each other, which they did on numerous occasions. Holmes may as well have been fighting the three stooges. Ossie Ocasio was barely a heavyweight with a cruiser build and only had 13 fights. His only claim to fame at that point was a couple of very close decsions over a washed up young.

The rest of Holmes opponents, I don't think so badly of, as some often do. Although, Witherspoon, Smith, Williams, M. Frazier, Berbick, Snipes and ****ey were on the inexperienced side without too many fights, I still say they were fairly qualified challengers who had good records and were coming off big wins. Additionally, Scott Frank and Leroy Jones were probably not as bad as people give them credit for, although I'll agree that Page, Thomas and Dokes should have gotten a crack at Holmes before some of these guys did.
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