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Oh man what a treat there was on normal tv yesterday,any one else from the uk see the film they had on channel 5 yesterday afternoon?,it was "joe and max" and was about the friendship between Joe Louis,and Max Schmeling,it was only made in 2003,and was really good,it was a tv movie and they did not look much like the guys,but the background storys was great.
Max was never a nazi,and was forced to sign a racist book on how whites were superior boxers,by hitler,just so he could return to america and fight louis again.Also he saved a jewish family so full props to him.
Joe louis though was very sad,he was hounded by the tax man,and fell on bads times,while max got offered a job with coca cola,and made a fortune.
The fight were pretty well done,and i reckon one of the reason why max lost so quickly in the return fight,was the bad propoganda he got from the press,who built him up as a super nazis,not suprised he never got going,the guy must have been in a right mess.
They also showed how they only ever met some 10 times afterwards,but became good friends and respected each other,so much so that max was one of the pallbearers at joes funeral.
Any way it was a great film,and they even had marciano and jim braddock in there as well,any one else catch it?
Amazing to think max live to 99 years old as well,i just feel sad that joe louis was treated so bad by his own country after the war,what a disgrace.

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