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Default Re: Unknown/Forgotten Great Fights

Originally Posted by Duodenum
That brings me back to when former paratrooper, Tyrone "Butterfly" Crawley traveled to Blake's hometown to knock Rockin' Robin from the unbeaten ranks with a lopsided decision win. Although a featherfisted switch-hitter, Crawley had the knack of standing toe-to-toe with much deadlier punchers than himself, and hitting without getting hit in return. His boxing idol and inspiration growing up was Tyrone Everett, who he regularly watched perform in the Spectrum while growing up, and who he considered the best in the world, P4P. The highly avoided Butterfly's match with Blake was one of the most skillful boxing exhibitions I've ever watched. Not a world champion, but just a tiny notch below.
Crawley was slicker than slick for a time wasn't he, i really thought he might hold onto a title for sometime the way he was progressing. Very talented.
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