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Default Re: Julio Cesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen

Originally Posted by la-califa
I read an interview with Haugen, Inwhich he said Don King had alot to do with the inflamatory comments about Mexican's, to get a large interest in the bout. The Hatred for him was so intense, Haugen was a little fearful for his safety going into the fight. Some of the comments Haugen claimed he didn't even make. It was all King.
Promoters always encourage a little controversy, but I dont think King is solely to blame, Haugen was always a talker who loved to verbally spar with his oppositon in the hype leading to the fight, he did so beautifully for his fights with Pazienza and Camacho before he did it with Chavez.
Haugen was a counterpuncher, so It was just in Haugen's nature to try and get under a fighters skin and get them angry and overly aggresive to give him the opportunity to be able to counter.
Against Chavez, he just picked on the wrong fighter.
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