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Default Re: Julio Cesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen

Originally Posted by divac
Thats not true. Haugen gave Camacho two very close fights just two years earlier, a close win for Haugen and then a close loss in a rematch.
After the Camacho fights he KO'd a comebacking Ray Mancini and had a couple of other easy victories.

The fight you talk about before Chavez was an over the weight match for Haugen in which he did look sluggish, as he had no business weighing in as a full fledged Welter.
......but there is no question Haugen deserved to win that fight, and he did by wide scores.
My point is that the Chavez fight for Haugen was deserved......and most ring scribes including Ring magazine thought Haugen would give Chavez a tough go enroute to a decision loss.
.....Lo and behold, Haugen got under Chavez' skin, and he payed for it dearly. In a fight that Chavez could have ended anytime he wished, he prolonged the beating, and held back just enough to severely castigate and embarrass poor Greg.

To be honest, I felt kind of bad for Greg, as I had become a fan of his for him whooping big mouth Vinny Pazienza.

.....but Haugen brought a smile to my face in the postfight ring interview when Chavez asked him do you still think I've beaten up on taxicab drivers?.......upon which Haugen responded, "They must have been tough taxicab drivers!" the face of getting totally owned and humiliated, Greg still had a sense of humor about it!
Yeah, good points. I didn't think Haugen was over the hill, personally.
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