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Default Re: What if Lennox Lewis Beat Tyrell Biggs in the Olympics

Originally Posted by tobkhan
Right but thats not what im doing. What im doing is that Lewis knew how Tyson fought and that he knew how to counter it because of the sparring. So, that and his ability to adapt gives him a big advantage.
All of Tyson's opponents knew "how he to fight him", but it's one thing to know and another to actually apply that when a 215 pound bull is rushing towards you. Personally, I don't think Lewis could ever beat a prime Tyson on his best night. Tyson back then, unlike the later days, didn't just barrell forward recklessly, he was a very skilled fighter who stayed behind the jab, slipped, went to the body and countered. I have a hard time believing Lewis could handle him, and a sparring session years prior is hardly proof that he could. Tyson was always improving and I guarantee he was a far and away a much better fighter in 88 then 85' (or w/e) when the sparring session occured. That's my opinion anyway.
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