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Default Re: blood thinners and omega 3 fish oil

Cod liver thins your blood a bit .I don't think blood thinners enhance your performance.Aspirin is a well known blood thinner. If you take a couple of tablets and cut yourself,you will bleed for longer than if you hadn't taken them. I read once of a boxer taking an aspirin before a fight . His corner couldn't staunch the bleeding from a cut and the fight was stopped.
It's probably a bad idea to take aspirin or cod liver oil immediately before and after a high impact sport such as boxing.

I think you might be confusing blood thinners with EPO (Erythropoietin),****neyhardman. It improves the red blood cell count in your body meaning you will carry more oxygen from your lungs to your organs and tissues and increasing your endurance. Cyclists from the tour de france have been shown to be using this hormone. This particular drug is illegal in boxing,I believe and is recommended that it not be administered without medical supervision.
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