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Default Re: Where does Chavez rank among the

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist
At the end of the day it's sparring, and sparring and fighting are somwhat different things, so even if it is true, you can only attach so much importance to it. But this sounds like it was no Spadafora-Mayweather match. As Steward said, Camacho was at the top of his game. I take it that means he wasn't coming in like Mayweather did for the Spadafora fight not having trained for a while.

In any case, I think Whitaker would beat Camacho no matter where or when they fought. Pernell was just more tenacious, and I think he'd press the fight and force Camacho to fight him like he did to Buddy McGirt. Camacho would probably oblige for a while too, for he probably wouldn't respect Pernell's power all that much. In that time he would get a lesson on infighting and bodypunching, until he'd slown down a tad and Pernell would pick him apart on the outside in the second half of the fight.
Emmanuel saying that Camacho was at the top of his game could mean that he was at the height of his career, and not neccesarily his training regimen.

We're on the right page in questioning Camacho's tenacity.
He was never the same fighter after his struggle with Rosario.
He tasted something from Rosario that he never wanted to experience again, and it affected Camacho as a fighter.

.....but I have great respect for Camacho's skillset. His offensive skills were by far superior to Pernell Whitaker's.
Camacho also had a more varied offensive attack to that of Meldrick Taylor.
What Camacho lacked was toughness in not deviating from his plan once he tasted hard leather.
That was brought on from his experience with Rosario.

Btw, I have so much respect for Camacho's skillset, that I have no doubt in my mind that he would have given Chavez a handful in a prime for prime match......before Rosario put the fear in him!

Whitaker was'nt one to attack and be aggresive however. I look at a prime for prime between Whitaker and Camacho as a near pickem, with a slight edge to Camacho.

Whitaker could be Hopkins nasty in that ring, and there is a chance he could make Camacho lose his cool and throw him off his game plan.
No doubt, Whitaker was mentally the tougher fighter.
Check that, maybe not an edge to Camacho, more like a clear pickem fight!
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