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Default Re: If Holyfield beats Ibragimov .....

Originally Posted by Smokin'Joe100
i was going along with you, until i read this. A 4-time heavyweight champ? A total heavyweight warrior? Someone who has not ducked a single opponent in his entire professional career? And he still needs to CEMENT HIS PLACE AS ATG? My friend, Holyfields place among the ATG's is already secure.
Holyfield fall slightly short of greatness. As a rule the Heavyweights suck quality wise amongst the classic eight, and I can only find places for three full-time Heavies on my Greatest list (Ali, Louis and Foreman).

Holyfield has never retired from the ring, so although he compares age wise with Foreman, his achievements are not in the same league. A victory over Ibragimov would not compare to an unbeaten Moorer either.

It annoys me as well about this four time champion rubbish. Anyone and I mean anyone can claim alphabet **** four times if they wish...

It also taints Holyfield, because one of his excellent achievements is being one of only five fighters to regain THE Heavyweight Championship of the World.
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