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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao vs. Naseem Hamed

Originally Posted by young griffo
Maybe your're a teency weency bit biased towards British fighters who share your religion (I'm assumuing you're a muslim),but that's okay.I have a tendency to favour Australian fighters in head to head match ups,which I'll happily admit is bias on my part.
Out of interest do you think Amir Khan could do as well as Hamed?
I only ask as I've yet to see him fight as a professional but did see him as an amateur and he was very impressive.
Hey Young Griffo, I know what you're saying. I am a Muslim, but seriously, it doesn't cloud my judgement. Believe it or not when Naseem was fighting I used to really hate him and wanted him to lose badly. His arrogance and attitude used to really get under my skin, plus the fact that he didn't show an ounce of respect to any fighter. What really bothered me about Hamed was that he was a very bad example of a Muslim who didn't know the virtues of humility and being humble. His antics and lack of sportmanship ****ed me off too. Why did he have to come to the ring with the Islamic call to prayer? And also make his oponents wait an eternity before he arrived in the ring due to his OTT ring entrances. Seriously, I did not like the guy at all and hated his attitude.

However, earlier in his career I did appreciate his boxing style, reflexes and frightning power. But then he let his ego get the better of him, stopped training seriously and showed a distinct lack of loyalty in getting rid of his lifetime trainer Brendan Ingle. I remember when he signed to fight Barrera, I could see the writing on the wall. I used to tell all my friends Barrera would beat him and they thought I was crazy. I remember the night of the fight, I was watching with lots of my friends. I was cheering Barrera all the way while they could not believe what was happening. Although, I always found Hamed entertaining and know he could have been something special if he'd not have thrown it away.

I don't think Amir Khan will do as well as Hamed. He has some skills (mainly his speed) but he lacks power and his chin worries me a great deal. What does impress me about Khan is his heart, he was knocked down in his last fight and was really hanging from a thread. However, he shook it off and showed good determination against Limond (but who is Limond? hardly a decent fighter let alone world class). Khan needs to tighten up on some fundamental errors e.g. Keeping his hands high. He could prove me wrong and become a world champion some day and age is on his side, but unless he improves drastically, at the moment I just don't see it. Khan is highly overrated in England due to his performance at the olympics.

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