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Default Re: If Holyfield beats Ibragimov .....

Originally Posted by Sonny's jab
..... will he move up in your all-time rankings ?

I'd consider such a win almost on a par with an old Holmes beating Mercer. It would certainly mark Holyfield's return as a top-flight contender, and will be among the best wins ever scored by 40+ fighter.

Of course, the odds are against Holyfield winning but stranger things have happened in boxing.
I donít think Holyfield will win the fight. I beleive Ibragimov will easily out box, and possibly TKO Holyfield if he tires. Look for Ibragimov to fight Holyfield the same way he schooled Briggs. Irbagimov is a swarming attack orrented fighter by nature, but vs Briggs he proved he could use his footwork, speed, and skills to out box a bigger / slower opponent. It was an impressive albeit somewhat boring performance for Ibragimov. The key thing to focus on here is most swarmers lack this type of versatility.

Older fighters canít deal with speedy / skilled opponents with more stamina than they have. They need to land a bomb in these types of fights. Holfyield best chance in my opinion is to catch Ibragimov with his hook.

If Holyfield manages to win this fight, it will be his best win in the past few years and add a bit to his legacy. How much remains to be seen. We really donít know how good or bad Ibragimov really is at the top level. If Holyfield defeats Ibragimov and Ibragimov bounces back to win on of the world title belts, then the win will mean a bit more.
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