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Default Re: blood thinners and omega 3 fish oil

Originally Posted by Arka View Post

Inuits who had a diet rich in cod and seal blubber were known to be vulnerable to heavy internal bleeding after minor accidents.This is something to take into account when you are boxing.Speaking from personal experience, my hemorrhoids tend to bleed when I take a few cod liver oil tablets.
I think there is a difference between blood thinning and preventing it from clotting. I know the inner workings are similar, but I have been using those herbs for many months and if anything my recovering abilities improved (along with everything really). Shiners are gone in no-time, and wounds don't bleed long at all.

Similarly, there's a big difference in how phytochemicals affect inflammations and how artificial chemicals often described as medicine do it. The first tend to contribute to healing by allowing the inflammation to do its work but keeping it under control (for example), the latter completely blocks the inflammation and thereby prevents a cure but as long as the pain is gone people don't care.
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