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Default Re: If Holyfield beats Ibragimov .....

going on the little iv seen and heard of sultan, the pack on here will be hypocrites in the extreme if they turn on him...most have been extolling his virtues as an up and comer......and is such a great amount of kudos to be put on 'linear' status...wasnt shannon briggs linear champ at one in the man that beat the man that beat the man etc.....i can see holyfield pulling this one not viewing the old codger thru rose tinted gogles, but im not with the sultan fans....what has he done and who has he beat to make him such a huge challenge for a man of evanders talent...sure its a time eroded talent, but i wouldnt be to sure that he doesnt upset this, and maybe one more applecart before permanantly retiring...and before y'allargue that how can i belittle sultan and say that vander beating him would rank higher than foreman beating moorer, its just that i aint sure of sultan...but im damn sure i dont rate moorer as a heavyweight...
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