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Default Re: If Holyfield beats Ibragimov .....

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius

The fuss is about Holyfield getting killed in the ring

Seriously though, i think Wlad is already a very hard stylistic matchup for Holyfield: fights tall, behind a very fast and hard jab and moves well. The tools to offset that (speed and workrate) are faded too much now because of his age.
Of course, Wlad should be highly favoured over old Holyfield, and expected to win by stoppage probably inside the first half of the fight.

But Wlad's fought far less capable opponents than Holyfield and no one made such a fuss about the safety of such men. I mean pure cannon fodder. Guys like Castillo and Moli.

Holyfield's already got be viewed on about the same level as an Austin or Brewster at least, or a DeVaryl Williamson.
If he beats Ibragimov he's definitely as worthy as anyone of taking on Wlad.
People talk as if you have to be King Kong to dare to take on "the mighty Wlad Klitschko".
As Lennox Lewis once said, hype can do a lot for a fighter.
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