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Default Re: If Holyfield beats Ibragimov .....

The difference is that Holyfield is 45 and has been in tons of wars over the last twenty (!!) years, whereas Austin, Castillo et al were relatively fresh although they were being overmatched.

The fact that Holyfield never retired (for a long period) whereas Foreman took 8 years away from the punishment would make it even more impressive if Holyfield wins.

Anyway, i didn't imply that you have to King Kong to take on the Sugar Prince Wladdy, although he is on an impressive winning streak.
My point was that Holyfield is old, has been in wars and already has a slurring speech, and the only thing he'd end up with after fighting Wlad now is additional brain damage. I'd like him to retire.
That said, if he does win a title belt, i'd like the fight to be made just as much as i'd like any other unification fight.
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