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Default Re: Jerry Quarry vs. Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Flabby Gut
It depends on which Quarry shows up. Is it the punching bag in 1972 who lost to Ali? Or the excellent version who dissected Mac Foster and picked Ron Lyle clean? The size difference would be enormous. But Quarry had bull-like strenghth for his size. Quarry would be faster and he was a savvy counterpuncher. He would not be afraid of Vitali. When Vitali employs his goofy staredown during the ref's instructions Quarry would have to keep his temper in check. Who fought the better competition? Just kidding of course. Well, this would be hard to predict. If Vitali used his jab consistently he could bust Quarry up and get a TKO. I don't think he would knock Quarry out even though he has an incredible kayo percentage. But knocking out the likes of Kirk Johnson and Corrie Sanders is a far cry from knocking out a guy who withstood the fearsome punching Earnie Shavers, Ron Lyle, Thad Spencer, etc. I have trouble however envisioning Quarry beating an elite level heavyweight like Vitaly. Quarry was at a size didsadvantage in most of his big fights. This size difference would be enormous against a guy who is a great fighter. So I say Vitali wins.

V. Klitschko TKO 9 (cuts) "Irish" Jerry Quarry
well he was a small fighter who was great at being small.

take a look at a quarry - frazier fight and you can see that he will brawl with frazier,and when he fought ali he did the same thing of mimicing and tried to box him.

if a tall fighter came to him he wins it's basicly like that. his counterpunches were what got him to top many good fiighters. he could be at a lighter cruiserwieght stop vitali on cuts vitali wanst superman and could get cut and knocked down. quarry slipped jabs very well as he would come back with a counter left hook to the body but somone like ali would just double jab and cause quarry to do a wrong move.

vitali has niether the speed or ring generalship of ali nor the brutal one shot power of frazier he has little defence except lean back which is perfect for the classic quarry overhand right.

for some reason im going for quarry he was quick deceptivly powerful was a better skill set and cold maul and take alot of punishment

BUT vitali if he plays it smart and jabs and moves and doesnt let him slef get inside or near jerry then he has the choice of not playing to the rules though this style change is odd for his jab jab cross style which could be very messy if he tires quarry out...but he aint he's gonan come foreward throw a jab and wham.right hand on the chin and then a pummeling body combo. jerry is also able to be small enough not to get tangled up like lewis or soon to be mcCline
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