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Default Re: Jerry Quarry vs. Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Duodenum
This assessment was astute and enjoyable to read.
I take such praise gladly for a poster of your stature.

Originally Posted by Duodenum
My take on this pairing may be slightly different, but read on.

I've just scrutinized footage of both, and see another Loughran/Baer type boxing lesson in store for the ungainly rootfooted robotic one.

Jerry would easily outmanuever him en route to a lopsided unanimous decision. Size and strength would be no kind of asset against a veteran who blew out Shavers within a round, knocked Foreman on his keister in sparring, and showed Ron Lyle what great ring generalship looked like.

Quarry would be salivating in anticipation of beating tattoos into the flesh of that huge upright torso, moving side to side, in and out, slipping and countering off the ropes with ridiculous ease of quickness, spinning his prey around constantly in the clinches, getting under his gangly victim's long ineffectual swings and ponderous thrusts.

The Bellflower Belter would give Dr. Rustfist a boxing lesson along the lines of Tommy Loughran's schooling of Max Baer. He'd enjoy the easy pickings of an upright, mechanical, impotent target, landing three or four punches to every one the haplessly automatonic giant attempted.

Vitalis would learn, as Shavers and Frazier discovered, that Jerry was no slow starter. Later he would discover, as Spencer and Lyle did, that Quarry was also a strong finisher. He'd also learn that height and reach might prove most ineffectual against a foe with a lower center of gravity who can change his position in the ring quickly and continually.

Irish Jerry demonstrated what he could do to a big man with his ridiculously lopsided domination of Buster Mathis.

Ali was at the relaxed best of his second career for an emotionally drained and psyched out Quarry in their rematch. But for this one, Jerry wouldn't be facing The Greatest primed for a marquee performance. Quarry would lure him into the corners, then have Viagra spun around and pinned in the corners himself, before realizing what Jerry was doing.

With Gil Clancy as Jerry's second, Velveeta would be lucky to win four or five rounds. He'd think he was facing a nest of machine guns from both sides. Rustfist, meet Triggerfist.

Science and statistics be damned. The human element is all in Quarry's favor.

Jerry Quarry UD 15 Klitschko (either one).
All very good points, none of which I disagree with, except from your final statement. While I think Vitali is a fairly sure bet for a peak Quarry to defeat, Wladimir is a very different prospect. Wladimir, like Lewis, is far better than Vitali at keeping his height and has a much better defense. He also has a surprisingly compact right hand and a quick left hook, while would leave him less vulnerable to in-and-out tactics from Quarry.

On the other hand, I think Quarry's body attack and power pose a lot of problems for Wlad. His vastly superior stamina would also give him a very good chance at a Puritty-like late rally.

Wlad-Quarry is more or less a 60/40 fight in favour of Wlad, in my opinion. I've rated Wlad as the superior brother ever since Stewart began to reform him into a more mobile and cautious boxer, and certainly give him a vastly better shot at beating Quarry that Vitali.
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