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Default Re: Mike Tyson v.s Sonny Liston (Bareknuckles)

Originally Posted by dado
ok i dont know **** about boxing? thats why im probably the only one here who actually HAS a boxing record and actually COMPETES in the ring in 2different combat sports,, where as u like to spend ur time thinking about if some guy who fought 200 years ago ,,, WHO U HAVE NEVER EVEN SEE FIGHT COZ THERES NO FOOTAGE OF HIM, and u like to say that he was a powerful puncher how do u even know that? coz some 19th century british guy wrote it in a book? come on man please tyson was an absolutel punching machine,,, also liston was impressive too very impressive,,, i still dont think he was a match at all for a bare knuckle tyson,,,, but sullivan? ur going bak too far man,,, next time u can post about why a caveman could whoop wladimir coz hes got a better chin
your a ****ing idiot. back then boxers WERE PURE!, they didnt use weights to get strong for boxing matches, they didnt use STEROIDS like some of the morons use these days. get the **** out of here.

classic boxers spent hours training, hitting the heavybags and running 14-15 miles every day.
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