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Default Re: Jerry Quarry vs. Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by The Kurgan
I take such praise gladly for a poster of your stature.
Huh? You're very welcome, but stature? Me?
All very good points, none of which I disagree with, except from your final statement. While I think Vitali is a fairly sure bet for a peak Quarry to defeat, Wladimir is a very different prospect. Wladimir, like Lewis, is far better than Vitali at keeping his height and has a much better defense. He also has a surprisingly compact right hand and a quick left hook, while would leave him less vulnerable to in-and-out tactics from Quarry.

On the other hand, I think Quarry's body attack and power pose a lot of problems for Wlad. His vastly superior stamina would also give him a very good chance at a Puritty-like late rally.

Wlad-Quarry is more or less a 60/40 fight in favour of Wlad, in my opinion. I've rated Wlad as the superior brother ever since Stewart began to reform him into a more mobile and cautious boxer, and certainly give him a vastly better shot at beating Quarry that Vitali.
I'll defer to your greater familiarity with and knowledge about Wlad, as I'm admittedly deficient in my awareness of more recent competitors.
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