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Default Re: Channel 4: Amir Khan's Angry Young Men

Originally Posted by Decebal
Well...not quite. Khan is a personality/celebrity in Britain since he won that silver medal. There are many reasons why he has become a personality - he was 17, he was of ****stani origin and the media were looking for British Asian Muslim heroes, he was a nice, humble lad from a nice, united family, he was coming from modest socio-economic roots - it was like a Cinderella story in many ways - the public took to him like a duck does to water. We all liked him. That is when the Khan brand was created. It has little to do with how good a boxer he has been since or is now...

I also think that Khan really cares about what is going on. Maybe not as much as he cares about his cars, personalised trainers and expensive watches, but he does care. And the older he becomes, the more he will care about the important things, seeing how he can make a good contribution. Let's not be too cynical and let us not forget that he is a very young man - it would be abnormal at his age if he weren't a bit materialistic and immature! But how many celebrities of his age have done the good he has - even as a publicity stunt? All they do is preach - don't wipe your bum with more than one piece of toilet paper, or don't fly more than once a year, when their lifestyle is completely unreal and alltogether wasteful...when they're not in rehab clinics or throwing mobile phones and swearing at staff, that is. In comparison, Amir is a grounded guy and a good guy too - he is not a moral hero, he is not a saint, but he is a good guy, especially for someone his age. He is milking his celebrity status sure - they are all doing it more or less, when it suits them, but as long as he does some good along the way - let us not be too harsh - it might lead to some good. All this doesn't mean, of course, that we should think Amir is a better boxer just because of all his charitable contributions or high public profile - these two things should be separated in our minds. But a personality/ celebrity, he nevertheless is. And his contribution to society is also a positive one, hyped up/ china chinned or not.
**** that china chinned fraud and his whole insano train, his contribution is being a joke to british boxing and a joke as a person in the form of a wrongful celebrity.

He won me over with his heart.

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