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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by janitor
Machen had an all time great chin. Sonny Liston could not put Machen away in fifteen rounds and neither could Joe Frazier. That Johansen was able to catch him in the first round and take him out speaks volumes about his power.
Compare the way Machen boxed vs Liston and vs Johansson. That should tell you all you need to know.

Nobody is arguing that he had an all time jab.
He had one of the worst jabs I've seen not only of heavyweight champions, but of most average heavyweights.

He clearly earned the right to fight for the title in the ring and he would clearly have been a serious threat to any contemporary oponent put in front of him so I don't see what your problem is.
You are talking about Sonny Liston? I completely agree with you.

His resume is clearly much deeper than Marvin Harts and there is not enough film of Hart to say that he was better head to head so I don't see how you can conclude that.
Hart faced several times better opposition than Johansson. Had Ingemar somehow got to early 20th century, he'd be nothing more than a tomato can with the poor skills he had.
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