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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by Senya13
They are overrated by people who have seen nothing but Patterson and Machen fights. I've seen two his European fights, and his skills are just as I say - extremely poor. Defense, offense, movement, cleverness - all are either average or worse.
There have been a lot of heavyweights who have been technicaly limited who have achieved a lot due to power and a simple but effective style. People look at the Patterson and Machen fights because these showcase what Ingo could do.

Nobody dismises George Foremans win over Joe Frazier because he looks technicaly limited in his early fights.

John Ruiz compared to Johansson is like Mayweather compared to Gatti.
A somewhat extreme statement. Whatever they look like on film Johansen was above Ruiz's league.
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