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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by janitor
There have been a lot of heavyweights who have been technicaly limited who have achieved a lot due to power and a simple but effective style.
What power? The one he used to knock out Lloyd Barnett, Erik Jensen, Ansell Baba Adams, Aldo Pellegrini, Uber Bacilieri, Joe Bygraves, Hans Friedrich, Archie McBride? I'd bet my house that Lamar Clark would go through this opposition with a perfect record, all by KO.

People look at the Patterson and Machen fights because these showcase what Ingo could do.
What he could do in Machen fight? Use the fact that he was completely unknown and make Machen change his style to something unusual for him, throw any thoughts about defense out the window trying to achieve a quick KO?

Nobody dismises George Foremans win over Joe Frazier because he looks technicaly limited in his early fights.
Even young Foreman looked like a much better boxer than Johansson.

A somewhat extreme statement. Whatever they look like on film Johansen was above Ruiz's league.
Johansson is a tomato can compared to Ruiz. If they fought ten times, Ruiz would win all ten, most by KO.
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