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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by Senya13
Compare the way Machen boxed vs Liston and vs Johansson. That should tell you all you need to know.
It is the same man with the same chin in both cases. Johansen was the only man to take Johansen out excluding his last fight and he did it in one round.

Joe Frazier threw everything but the kitchen sink at an elderly Machen in the first round of their fight and could not put him away.

He had one of the worst jabs I've seen not only of heavyweight champions, but of most average heavyweights.
OK so you don't rate his jab. I am not going to contradict you on this.

You are talking about Sonny Liston? I completely agree with you.
The point is that he beat Patterson and Folley. Based on these fights he would have been a considerable threat to Zora Folley Cleavland Williams or any of the top heavyweights of the day.

That makes him world class.

Hart faced several times better opposition than Johansson.
Who did Hart beat outside of Jack Johnson who he arguably lost to?

Had Ingemar somehow got to early 20th century, he'd be nothing more than a tomato can with the poor skills he had.
I think that he would have beaten some of the top fighters then as he did in his own era. Against the best in a strong era he would always have failed to get to the top.

However I think that in the period between Jeffries and Johnson while the colour bar was in operation he could have gone all the way. Why shouldnt he have beaten fighters like Hart, Root or Burns?
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