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Default Re: Jerry Quarry vs. Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Duodenum
When it came to cuts, Jerry wasn't exactly Wepner or Antuofermo. Four of his nine defeats were due to cuts, and he had 66 professional bouts in all, so I'm not sure he was the bleeder he's been stereotyped as.

Most cuts are inflicted by a clash of heads, an unlikely scenario with the height disparity involved here. Quarry's 12 rounder with Lyle was a masterpiece of ring generalship, and Lyle was a better tactician than I believe Klitschko was. Quarry performed very poorly against Ellis, but Jimmy probably had the better sparring partner in training to help him prepare for Jerry. Again, Klitschko was probably not in Ellis's league as a strategist, but a good rudimentary stand-up stylist with substantial height and reach. Quarry would not be facing Ali, Ellis or Frazier, but a stiff, semi-mobile adversary.

I don't think Klitschko would be doing the countering in this one. Jerry was able to make Lyle move the way Quarry wanted, and I simply don't understand how Klitschko could possibly possess the level of ring savvy Lyle did, let alone Jerry. Nor would he be able to get inside Quarry's head the way Ali did.
I agree with most of what you're saying. Quarry was definately the more skilled and savvy of these two fighters, and had a better list of quality wins at that. Don't you feel, however that Vitali's enormous size and strength advantage would be a major factor here though? I mean, I wouldn't be so concerned if Jerry were taking on a 6'7" 240 pound tomato can, but Klitschko was hardly of that description.

What do you think?
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