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Default Re: Rakim's Christmas log.

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
I usually take a smoothie after workouts. Today's smoothie (I don't take the whole amount at once I just bring a small bottle with me to the gym):

2 banana's
2 peaches
1 cup of blackberries
1 cup of blue berries
1 cup of goji berries
2 cups of cherries
2 cups of yogurt / cottage cheese
2 cups of orange juice
2 table spoons of flaxseed oil

If you want more protein just add some whey.

That does look ****ing healthy, but ideally I'd like some grub that doesn't involve me trekking around uncharted jungles in certain seasons just to pick a berry. Smoothies are a great idea until you have to clean the smoothie maker.
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