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Default Re: Jerry Quarry vs. Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Duodenum
How would Klitschko cope with Jerry's enormous strength, low center of gravity, and quickness in close? Bruce Lee had a well known saying, "Strength is good, but if you can't use it quickly it's of no avail." Jerry would have a pretty easy time getting underneath Klitschko's arms, and moving side to side under his jabs and crosses.

As for the old saying, "Don't hook with a hooker," that's entirely in Quarry's favor. For two rounds, Jerry actually outhooked and outworked Frazier on the inside, especially to the body, and this wasn't against a slow starting version of Smoke, but one who was coming off a single round dismantling of Zyglewicz. Klitschko is a headhunter, and a long range headhunter at that. Unlike Frazier, he's no 15 round fighter.

Quarry boxed in an era of eight ounce gloves. How's Klitschko going to hurt him with ten ounce pillows when Shavers and Lyle couldn't faze him with the lighter equipment? We can see how big Klitschko is, but Quarry showed how strong he was at the very beginning of his rematch with Ali, when he effortlessly picked up Muhammad without the use of his gloved hands, only his arms, and deposited him in a corner.

I wasn't even convinced the Klitschko's could prevail over James "Buddha" Toney (who recently tested positive for Geritol and prune juice through carbon 14 dating).

Klitschko may be bigger and stronger than Jerry, but I agree with those who posit that the size advantage is all Quarry's.
The only possible way for Quarry to take this one is by a decision. Kltschko was unable to finish a fight on but two occasions in his career, one by stoppage on cuts, while the other came from a torn rotator cuff. His chin was never in question. Quarry would have to out maneuver Vitali for at least 12 rounds, or 10 if there was no title on the line. He had great boxing ability, but I doubt he'd go the whole fight without being subjected to getting hit with some ferocious shots. As for your comment about him surviving Shavers, keep in mind that Earnie rarely if ever had a chance to land flush on Jerry, as the fight was over with in the first round. Quarry would not be able to dispatch of Klit in such a fashion. I believe you also stated once that you no longer follow boxing and that most of your knowledge is on fighters pre 12 round championship days, which falls around 1986? That being the case, have you viewed much footage of Vitali Klitschko?
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