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Default Re: Mediocre fighters with great one-punch-power

Originally Posted by nick wells jr
well that is the conversation im talking about then.but if he wasnt one of the greatest then why is his name always mentioned.
His name is mentioned because he fought two of the greatest.

yes he was extremly powerful and i love the way he knocked down holmes so brilliantlly.and everyone who speaks of him as one of the hardest punchers ever.
No argument there.

ok , if he is not one of the best then he was definatly not mediocre.calling him mediocre is insultive,i guarantee hed mop the floor with all of us and thats not even making a good comparison.
A top 5000 featherweight would mop the floor with most of us lot.

I see your point, and aren't actually arguing for mediocre. Let us call him, very limited.

lets do this put shavers on mike tysons opponent path and i bet that the result is the same.
Sorry to disappoint, but go look up Tillis vs Shavers.
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