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Default Re: K1 AMSTERDAM 2007 results & video

Originally Posted by boxingcar
Even the replays looked suspect lol...
No but come on seriously...Sapp was once used as a punching bag vs LeBanner... lebanner is a 265 LBS monster...the guy landed several HUGE punches and kicks on sapp's body...

but this? Nah...too easy.

Plus , Aerts was fighting in his hometown...way tooo fishy..
Maybe Sapp was the only guy to accept this type of deal? (replace bonjasky and take a dive)...


Have you seen , Manoef vs Karaev?
holy **** that was crazy!
I haven't gotten to that fight yet. I am watching the TUF finale, was catching the end of the Hatton/Castillo fight, and am trying to get a round by round on the Kimbo/Mercer battle. So, suffice to say, there's a lot going on tonight in the fighting world!

But yeah, I agree. Sapp went down far too easy there. I hope he gets a nice fat paycheck for looking like an idiot.
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