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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Firstly El puma, great thread

Here's my workout routine

All excersies are done untill failure-usually 5-8 reps and with 2 minute rest between each set.

Monday- 6 sets of bench press, 4 sets of dumbell flys, 1 set of fist pushups with elbows going straight behind, 1 set of wide fist pushups with elbows going to the sides.

Tuesday-6 sets of overhand pullups on a ledge (because on a pullup bar I can do about 15 reps), 4 sets of bent over rows, 2 sets of upright rows and 6 sets of lateral raises

Wednesday- 6 sets of squats with dumbells in hand at sides of body (not with a barbell resting on my upper back), 6 sets of static lunges with dumbells at sides.

Thursday- 6 sets of crunches holding a weight behind my head, 6 sets of crunches without weights (more reps but 1 minute rest between sets), 6 sets of side bends

Friday- 6 sets of barbell curls, 4 sets of 21's, 6 sets of tricep kickbacks, 2 sets of single arm tricep extension.

Cardio is half an hour of skipping rope monday to saturday. In addition to this I do around five 100 metre sprints 3-4 times a week with a few minutes rest in between, shadow boxing, sparring, hitting the pads and heavy bag on most days. once a month I run the treadmill about 8 kilometres in 50 minutes) and I have a swim once a month. I train the forearms everyday by lifting a chair straigt out in front of me (about 3 sets of 4 reps) and by rotating a dumbell with weights on one side by using my wrists. I also squeeze forearm grips. Finally, I also do one arm push ups (or attempt to at least) and finger pushups on the index finger and thumb.

I've been following this particular weight training routine and the sprinting thing since september 2008 (everything else I used to do anyway) and it looks like I've put on a bit of muscle as people have commented that my chest looks bigger and my abs are more defined. I just weighed myself and according to the scale have put on 3 pounds. However, just a few weeks back I weighed 3 pounds less so I don' really trust the scale.

However, while I wanna look good, my ultimate goal is to become stronger, more powerful, more explosive, faster, have more stamina and become an all round athelete. The sort of athelete that would be able to compete in Ninja warrior. I've seen many huge bodybuilders on there that can't even get past the first stage, all that muscle seems like its for show.

Your excercises sound very interesting and I would like to try some of them.

I spend about 3 hours a day 5 days a week on training and I don't wanna waste my time if these excercises are just for show. In your opinion Puma, which excercises do you think I should get rid of and which of your excersises should I do to achieve my goals, and how often? If you could replace my training routine with something that will be more useful (will make me a better allround athelete rather than just build muscle) I would be so grateful. From what you said earlier, I guess the first thing I need too if I wanna get stronger is to stop training till failure, but does training untill failure have its benefits too?

A bit more info about me.

I'm 5'5.5 and weigh 114.5 pounds. I'm not a boxer but train in Kung Fu so I guess I would have similar goals to a boxer. And it looks like I'm an ectomorph since I have a short upper body but long arms and find it difficult to put on muscle but not difficult to maintain a 6pack.

Sorry for the essay man but I have a lot of questions and am excited.
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