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Default Re: Julius Francis in Cage Rage

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
James Thompson was originally fighting for PRIDE.His relatively new to MMA but is a fairly known quantity in the east.As big as he is his sub game is pretty much non existent and his power despite his size is scant.His striking leaves alot to be desired and his chin is very flaky.This being said he loves what he does and is an extremely hard worker and a genuine nice guy.

BUT if you think his a world beater your way off the mark.CR just doesnt have any "real" names.The ones they do have are hasbeens like Kimo Vitor and Mark Kerr.And the guys that get out in the ring with them are cans like David Legeno.Legeno is nothing more than doorman turned actor turned reality hardman.His not what MMA represents and is nothing more than a meathead.If he thinks beating guys like Kimo is going to get him recognised his sorely mistaken.This is what hampers CR as well as there penchant for signing freakshows like Butterbean and Sapp coupled with there small size as an org already.
James Thompson certainly looks the part. When I first heard about him and that he had fought in Pride I wanted to find out more. Kinda wish I had'nt. I've seen his Pride performances and live in Britain, he is very poor in the wider scale of things. You are right on all accounts about his ability but I never said any different.

I like watching Cage Rage so they are filling that gap for us Brits but talent wise your right its has beens and never gonna be's.
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