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Default Re: Cage Rage: What do you think?

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
K1 was always a major player in MMA even though K1 Heroes wasnt as popular as PRIDE or the UFC. They will be a force to be reckoned with in the east now that PRIDE has left a huge vacuum. What with the backing they have of there Kickboxing counterpart the K1 they will be a sure fire to make noise.Plus they have huge sums of money and are able to attract big names in MMA with the right contract of course.

CR has never been that big. They lack talent but do have some big names that are able to put them on the map slightly as a major smaller org.But matches between hasbeens like Kimo and David Legeno who is nothing more than a meathead doorman are not the way forward.Cyborg is there along with James Thompson Travis Lutter Lindland and Galosic.But at the same rate they have alot of shot fighters like Kimo vitor and Mark Kerr and a whole load of freak shows like sapp butterbean and journeymen boxers.They can imo be no more than a feeder org.
I actually knew K1 before UFC and Pride. K1 was just an org I knew ages ago but then UFC became big and Pride came part of the parcel because of looking it up online. However when UFC and Pride hit big, I heard little about K1.
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