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Default Re: Marquez: I am the true Mexican fighter in this fight!

Originally Posted by Monstar View Post
everybody do that ****, it's the same way with Africans, and African Americans....i use to know this old African native who worked at the gas station, and he used to always talk **** about us African Americans be lazy as **** and try and call us hooligans, and Uncle Toms and **** like that, thats why i cant cant stand them black jungle, gamboa virus mother****ers

so i get where Marquez is coming from

i'm jokin of couse.......but they though do be black ass hell, tell me Samuel Peter aint the most light skinned African of all time
Exactly. Most Africans dont like American blacks. And most Mexicans dont like American Mexicans. So i dont see any reason why you would claim something you are not.
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