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Default Re: Did you like Frank Bruno in the 80's and/or 90's?

Yeah, I really like Bruno. Bruno-Tyson I was my introduction into boxing, first bout I saw...the hype for that was so big, it drew me in.

Even though he lost people felt proud of his efforts. When he announced his comeback, there was still a lot of hope. I remember watching him fight Carl Williams in '93 and feeling he was winning but not looking too good doing it, until he finally connected with a solid enough punch to knock Williams over for the (slightly dubious in my memory) stoppage.

Into the Lewis fight, I wanted Bruno to win. I'd seen Lewis fight Mason and knew about him, but it was Bruno I was backing.

I couldn't afford Sky so listened to the fight on the radio. Seemed to be going to plan until that left hook in the 7th. Even despite that, disappointed as I was, I supported Bruno. This was actually the fight where I warmed to Lewis, funnily enough, and soon I also had to support him after his own stoppage loss, but that's another story...

When he finally beat McCall, oh, you had to be seriously pleased for the guy. And yes, call me delusional but I did retain some hope for him against Tyson. I hadn't been impressed by Tyson-McNeeley or Tyson-Mathis Jr, and Bruno talked a good fight for the British press.

Sadly, it wasn't to be and Bruno lost then retired.

Since then, I've kinda cooled to him a bit...the problems with his mental health are one thing, but also some unfavourable behind the scenes stuff. And in some ways Lewis was right, Bruno did play up the 'dumb but funny' image when he deserved better,

Yet he's still a guy I like, definitely.
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