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Default Re: Name the best challenger these champions failed to meet

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis
Valdez did beat Charles in a close one but was coming off 4 losses in 53 to Baker(who was Ko'd by Moore and Satterfield in 1) Harold Johnson(who was KO'd by Moore)Billy Gilliam(who Charles beat in his next fight) and Archie Moore beat him also. Charles had a spectacular 2RD ko over Satterfield (who KO'd Baker(Valdez conqueror) and KO'd Coley Wallace in 8rds to jump ahead of Valdez(who won a disputed decision over Archie McBride) Valdez was supposed to get a shot but lost to Archie Moore again for elimination and then was dropped and dominated by Satterfield. I think there may have been a generous window of opportunity for Valdez in 54 but he was overshadowed by more deserving opponents because of his 4 losses in 53 and 2 in 1955. Marciano's record was spotless and the only easy defence was the nose tester vs ****ell but the follow up was vs the feared and well deserved Archie Moore
Bummy, I don't know. Maybe you're right but looking over the year end ratings of '53 and '54, Valdez was the #1 contender in both instances. We can wish this away but it certainly looks like he was sidestepped in lieu of the smaller Charles. Valdez was a big heavy for the 1950s and I think Al Weill was being prudent in giving him a wide berth. I don't believe Rocky had anything to do with it, I believe he'd take on a Mack truck. Also, for the record, I believe he'd take Valdez, but I do believe he was avoided by Marciano's shrewd manager.

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