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Default Re: Bernard Dunne on Setanta

Originally Posted by China_hand_Joe
Who do you want to see win big brother this year, if you had to pick one of those English?

Thats why I like you, cos you are mental(in a good way)

Anyway, you asked the question, so I am honour bound to answer. To be honest, I would like to see Jonty win. I know hes a gimp, but I ****in hate the way the group of those godawful twins, Ziggy, Liam & Brian clubbed together to evict all late entrants, including the scotsman. Sly ****ers, the lot of 'em. & I think BB have been rigging the votes to suit their own agenda.

Man, this is a subject I could post about for ages, so I have to try & cut it short, as this aint the thread for a good BB discussion...

Im sick of starting BB threads on the lounge anyway, cos no-one else will as they think it will affect their ESB 'street cred' so if someone has the ***** to do one for once, I will get stuck right in on every BB subject from Caroles moaning to Ziggys weird mouth, but i wont hold my big scottish breath...(btw, that wasnt a hint for you to start one CHJ incase thats what you were thinking )
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