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Default Re: Did Castillo Take a Dive?

Originally Posted by the brockton blockbuster
theres no way he took a dive,if you listened to the pre fight talk.castillo had to win the fight to get his money or else its getting frozen!something to do with an impending lawsuit from gary why would he dive.seriously does the hating have to be so obvious??
**** how stupid are you. Think about what you just wrote.. what the **** does winning the fight have to do with getting his purse? How would him winning change the legal ramifacations of the lawsuit pending against him.

They were trying to hold the purse in escrow against a future judgement against Castillo.. winning or losing had nothing to do with it.

It didn't happen anyhow. Castillo had no monetary interest in winning or losing this fight, especially since he didn't seem all that interested in fighting in this one, I'm sure future fights weren't on his mind as well.
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