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Ill pick one from each..

Johnny Famechon @ 126.

I think Johnny would be like poison for JMM..His skills would see him not being there to be countered and I think he would be a stylistic nightmare for Marquez.
That being said I havent seen Famechon in there with enough top fighters, I mean I havent actually seen him on film against some of the top fighters he has faced, to be sure he beat Marquez..I just know he gives him hell.
Toss up for me..Id say it would end in a SD for either guy or a draw.

Freitis @ 130.

Acelino was an excellent athletic speciman. Power, speed and explosivness. I think he showed against a prime Casa he wasnt just a flash in the pan Ko artist, though I feel he only just got by in that fight.
Marquez eeks through an early onslaught where he might get dropped, to counter punch his way to a clear but hard fought decision. Probably rocking the tiring Popo a few times as the fight wears on.
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