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Originally Posted by WhataRock View Post
Whilst the hype of the JMM-Diaz fight is still fresh in the air I wanted to see how you guys think Marquez goes H2H alltime...

Im not even going to name the usual suspects because IMO Juan loses to some of the second tier at 126-130 aswell And before people jump down my throat, thats not having a dig at JMM, these are good fighters Im talking about and Im not even saying he loses to all of them anyway.

@ 126

vs Jose Legra
vs Shozo Saijo
vs Davey Moore
vs Naseem Hamed
vs Johnny Famechon
vs Azumah Nelson

@ 130

vs Brain Mitchell
vs Alfredo Esclara
vs Kuniaki Shibata
vs Acelino Freitis
vs Yong Soo Choi
vs Sam Serrano

NB..some of those guys may not even second tier fighters in your eyes but you get what Im aiming at.
A fight with Jose Legra would be interesting. Legra had long arms and a great reach advantage, but he didn't have much by way of inside fighting ability and body punching. If Marquez tries to counterpunch his way through him, I see him dropping a decision. If he can get on the inside and apply pressure, then he could win. It would be interesting to see how he would go about it.

I think Azumah Nelson would bully him and possibly stop him if he's in top form. Too strong physically and his speed of punch will bother Marquez.

A fight with Brian Mitchell would be close and entertaining. Mitchell is quite a basic fighter, but I don't think Marquez is any more special than Brian. Marquez has shown a bigger heart, but I'm not sure Brian wouldn't go towards matching him there if he had to. Can see this one going either way.
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