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Default Re: Taking a punch...

Originally Posted by Senya13
I hope you intended this as a joke, but forgot to warn the others.
The portion about Hagler is a fairly well-known story. I assume you're referring to the allegation about numerous punches to the head developing the surrounding muscle tissue. While I have read about this claim being proposed in all seriousness, I have my reservations about it's validity. There are exercises one can do to develop the muscles surrounding the skull (mostly culled from Hatha Yoga practices), but I'm no advocate of subjecting the brain to injury in an effort to do this. Bear in mind that I cautioned "reportedly." I did not express "reputedly," or present it as fact, merely anecdote. Nor should anybody ever take anything I post at face value without independently verifying it for themselves through a separate source of information.

I've made some nasty factual mistakes in several of my posts, and will certainly make countless more. A lot of the comments I make are based on distant recall of past events, which can definitely be a faulty vehicle to rely upon.

What little credibilty I have managed to scrounge up for myself during my short time on ESB seems to be based on recollections shared by fellow posters of relatively obscure details not yet available through sevices like youtube. Apparently, others are indeed independantly confirming some of my accounts through research of their own. Me, I'm just muddling through as best I can, technologically challenged as I still continue to be.
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