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Default Re: Mike Weaver - His power

Originally Posted by Hawkeye
I know a guy who says he was in the gym with Weaver and Alex Garcia. He blames Garcia's sparring with Weaver for Garcia's sudden collapse as a contender. He thinks the hard sparring sessions took too much from Garcia. The guy says that Weaver just hit too hard for anyone to take his shots on a regular basis.
Yeah, I don't think Kenny Norton nicknamed Mike "Hercules" just because of his physique.
Duodenum, I agree with your post, but beating Bert Cooper could be an accomplishment or it might not be, depending on Cooper's lifestyle at the time of the fight. Bert is a woulda, coulda, shoulda kind of fighter, who let his lifestyle wreck his boxing career. Bert had talent, and anytime he chose to dedicate himself to boxing he could give anyone trouble. Other times, he was just there for a check. When Bert did train, the sparring sessions with Oliver McCall are legendary.
True enough. Bert had to be one of the most exasperating contenders of his era to follow the career of. However, Mike had to perform successfully over 12 rounds before an audience in order to decision Cooper, and that's a rather challenging achievement to fabricate, somewhat different from a quick knockout. Leading up to Weaver/Cooper, Bert had floored Holyfield and Moorer, won two straight after that, and quickly followed up the loss to Weaver with a decision win. Based on that, the fact that it came in the midst of a six match winning streak for Mike, and Cooper's age and recorded weight at the time, the record (admittedly culled from would seem to indicate it was a good win for Mike. (And yeah, I vividly remember, "My head is buzzing!")

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