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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

There are many ways to increase the intensity of your workouts. In order to do so, you could increase the weight you lift, increase the amount of reps you perform, or increase the number of sets you do. Incorporating any or all of these three factors can give you an unlimited number of combinations for changing your workout. But there is another, often overlooked, factor: time. Shortening your rest periods or performing an exercise for a certain amount of time can give you a big boost in intensity.

Tabata is the name of a Japanese researcher who discovered an interesting way to increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time. It's an excellent program for any looking to lose fat quickly.

The Tabata method incorporates this time factor. This method got its name from a Japanese researcher who found a way to increase aerobic and anaerobic pathways at the same time.

The method is simple, fast, and you don’t need any special equipment – just a clock or stopwatch.

To incorporate the Tabata method, perform an exercise for a “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” pattern. Do the exercise at maximum intensity. In other words, don’t pace yourself; go for as many reps as you can. See the example below:

* Choose an exercise.
* Perform the exercise for 20 seconds at full intensity (as many reps as you can).
* Rest for 10 seconds.
* Repeat 7 more times.
* This will take 4 minutes

Trust me; this is not as easy as it sounds. It really taxes your muscles and gets your heart rate up. It transforms exercises you once found easy. I wouldn’t recommend this method for those just starting out, as you should have a good foundation of strength and cardiovascular fitness before trying this method. The Tabata method works great with these exercises:

* Push ups
* Sit ups
* Pull ups and chin ups
* Bodyweight squats
* Front squats (use significantly less weight than you usually lift)
* Sprints

I would also suggest using big compound lifts that work many muscles at once such as thrusters, front squats, or squat-and-press. But remember that when using weights, you should use around no more than 30% of your maximum.

That’s it, a simple but highly effective fat loss strategy that’s guaranteed to have you crying for your mommy. I dare you to try it! Next up in the extreme fat loss strategy, I’ll be tackling how you should tweak your exercise program for optimal fat loss.
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