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Default Re: The Future of CUBA in the Pros, by Weightclasses. (List Inside) ***UPDATED***

Originally Posted by Ricky369 View Post
Let me explain and I hope you don't get offended. Cuba used to dominate olimpic boxing because their boxer were 25-26 y/o with lots of experience fighting against 17,18,19 kiids from other countries.
The same happens when they turn pro. People say they just turn pro. But they don't know the Cuban have over 100 amateur fights and the other guy has may be 10. Wait until you see them against real opponents. Again, May be 2 of them will be stars.
And Cuba olimpic dominance has gone wayyyy down lately!!!
You know I understand were you are coming from, But IL have disagree with you a bit there... people get the same impression you have because they usually hear about Cuban fighter when they are going for the second or third gold medals or silver or whatever, but what they forget is that they all won their first medals at a very young age,

Teofilo Stevenson won gold at 20
Guillermo Rigondeaux won gold at 19
Joel Casamayor won gold at 20
Emilio Correo won gold at 19
Jose Gomez won golf at 21
Ariel Hernandes won gold at 19
Juan Hernandes Perez won gold at 18
Angel Vera won gold at 18
Armando Martinez won at 19
Hector Vinent won at 19

and bunch of other that won between the age of 21 and 24

but I do understand what you are because since they can't turn pro they end up winning gold medals at the age of 26 or 28 so you do have a point aswell.
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