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Originally Posted by WhataRock View Post
Cheers heaps for that sweet...thats really appreciated.
His fight with Kobayashi is on the Tube..he shows glimpses of very good technical ability and smooth movement as you said but at times he appeared a tad overwhelmed by the strength and workrate of Hiroshi...The fight is actually later in his career, though I think he was still in his mid 20's at that stage...It was at Kobayashi's best weight too.
I have watched that fight a few times, not so much recently..I never actually scored it but felt like Saijo outlanded Hiroshi, maybe not enough to pull ahead but seemed to me to be the more skilled operator.
Cheers Rock. I'll check the Kobayashi fight out on the Tube. I've been told that his fight against Rojas was pretty much his signature performance, so maybe I'm taking him at his absolute best and he had some more underwhelming performances throughout his career.

I'm sure RB and Mantequilla have seen an adequate amount of his body of work to give a more realistic perspective here.

I'll see if I can get a few more of his fights and find out what his true level was. Hard to do with only a fight or two.

We'd think Camacho was superman if all we had seen was the Ramirez and Limon fights. So sometimes it pays to see more.
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